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Welcome to Asian Cooking!

Welcome to the Asian cooking community. Created 26 May 2oo7, I hope to make this community a place where people of all cultures can come and share yummy recipes, ask questions, and share anything of the Asian cooking persuasion!!!

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Some Guidelines:

1] Please be kind (we're not all educated to perfection on the art of Asian cuisine!)
2] Put all long recipies and large images under an lj-cut. (Just use good judgment as to what seems large.)
*If you don't know what an lj-cut is, you may find it here.
3] Introduce yourself! : ]
4] If there is a problem or you have any questions, please contact the mod at art_historian@yahoo.com.
5] Please don't promote other communities unless you have permission.
6] Have fun, share tips, recipes and all those yumminess!
7] Lastly, when posting please make sure to post the country of origin of your recipe in the subject line. If unknown put "miscellaneous". Thanks!


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If you have any other communities you would like to see here or you would like to be sisters, comment here on the Welcome Post.